"Stand together for what you believe"

NMCS Zambia Logo


The map of Zambia means that the  NMCS Zambia is national wide and the green colour  is for hope, a sign of life, and magnificent nature we have to preserve. The cross reminds us of our Christian Faith and Salvation and red colour represents the blood of Christ which washes our sins away.  The open book invites students to be Faithful to their Intellectual Mission and the motto calls us to stand together for our Catholic Faith and what is right. 

IMCS - MIEC Pax Romana Logo

The circle with open circumference means the global world, the new reality we have to live in at the beginning of the new millennium. The rounded form gives the feeling of movement and dynamism that characterize youth. Midden in the circle, the cross reminds us that we are Christians, following Jesus who died on the cross but has risen alive. On the left side, the open book invites students to be faithful to their intellectual mission.  At the top of the right side, a white half globe recalls God's presence, the light of the Holy Spirit who enlights us and guides us.

The colour of the right sight is the light blue of peace (PAX) and the yellow colour of the left side is the one of the Papal flag (ROMANA).



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